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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Guess I should have paid attention in Math class...

Phew. The accounting for the Web2point1BrainJam is finally done. It is always interesting to watch the inner shopper in me come out to play. Doesn't matter what I set out to get - I always overbuy. Shoes. Food. Supplies. Shoes. Clothing. Shoes. It is a deeply rooted philosphy as I come from a family where the mantra is 'it is always better to have a little extra - just in case'. Applying that mantra to shoes works for me. When dealing with stick it notes, legos and paper products - best to put that stuff back into stock rotation so I can make more room for shoes. :) So, I spent the last day returning the odds and ends we didn't use to make sure the expenses were as minimal as possible and we now have a final accounting of the event. Of course, I will not burst Chris' bubble as I know he wants to be the one to make the announcement, so stay tuned...

Reviewing the feedback on the blogosphere and the personal conversations I have had recently gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling. The support for the BrainJams is overwhelmingly positive, so I know this is the start of an amazing ride and I look forward to all the new friends we make along the way.

Ok, off I go...heard Macy's was having a sale.


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