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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A fractured shoulder, a faulty pace maker and the removal of a bladder...

They say things happen in threes. All I can hope is that statement holds true. I can't take in anymore bad news.

Over the last three weeks, three of my family members have experienced three separate 'incidents', ending with all three of them paying a visit to the hospital (two of them still there).

  1. First my great aunt fell down a flight of stairs and ended up fracturing her shoulder.
  2. Then I find out my grandpa faints at a conference thanks to a faulty pace maker.
  3. This past Monday I spent the day at Stanford hospital as we rallied around my uncle who has been battling cancer. They ended up removing his bladder and a couple of other body parts.
As we get older, I know the chances of hospital visits increases. But it doesn't lessen the suck level any and the last two months have really confirmed how fragile life truly is (especially following the near miss of killing Heuer and myself).

Not to be a drama queen, but hug the ones you love. Hug them often. Tell them you love them. Find time to be with them.

Appreciate the moments of your life.


Blogger Lin said...

Tough times...and you're quite right to remind us to remember to show love to those we love because life can be so flippin' uncertain.

I'm sure you will give thanks this holiday for many things, mourn some losses and tough issues, but fundamentally celebrate the joys we're so lucky to experience. I know I will. xoxoxo

10:47 AM


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