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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hello old friend, it's been a while....

Holy moly. My frequency of writing sure has taken a nose dive over the last seven months. I am sure some of it has to do with starting a new job (70+ hour weeks) and planning our wedding (yeah, no longer a spinster!), but I miss it. It was great having an outlet that gives me more than 140 characters to share a thought, posit an opinion or explain the latest embarrassing situation I got myself into.

I will say it is kind of odd that I enjoy blogging so much. I was never one to keep a journal, and I suck at writing (and storytelling). But whatever. Not going to question it. Just going to blog it.

So I am back (not that anyone missed me).

Image by Hugh McLeod


Blogger jax said...

I missed you, dammit!

9:29 PM


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