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Friday, October 14, 2005

Sinus infections suck.

Being sick bites, especially when I have been battling the same sinus cold off and on since May. Yuckie. Of course, I was not the sharpest tool in the shed and compounded the problem when I signed up for scuba lessons while still sick... I was going to St. Thomas in June with some of my girlfriends and wanted to get certified before the trip. I had waited until the last minute and even knowing I wasn't quite 100% healthy (felt a solid 92%) - I jumped in the pool. So Chris and I are swimming around like good little duckies when I drop down to the deep end and all of a sudden felt my head explode. Hmmmm. That's odd. What on earth could have caused that? DUH.

Needless to say - the pool exercises stopped. So did the ability to hear in my right ear. Seems when you have a sinus infection you shouldn't be doing anything to cause extra pressure inside your nogin - nothing like a little hemmorage in the eardrum to wake me up and realize the stupidity of my ways - especially as it almost prevented me from taking my trip. Luckily enough though, I got the green light to fly. I just didn't get my diving certificate. So, as the girls strapped on their tanks and dove into the warm turquoise waters of St. Thomas - I sat on the deck of the sailboat and made sure the ice didn't melt in their rum punch.

Fast forward four months later and I am still battling the sinus infection. The hemmorage cleared itself pretty quickly, but the pressure is still on the right side of my head and antibiotics don't seem to be curing it. Sure it is better. But it is still there which is preventing me from feeling 100%. So, I just started another dose of antibiotics and just for fun this time - my Western quack has decided to throw in a little steroid to reduce any inflammation that could be preventing the drugs from getting into the deep regions where the pressure is, and for good measure, because she knows how much I hate anything up my nose - gave me a nasal spray that has to be used twice a day. Lord help me. Aren't there some herbs that can take care of this? How about accupuncture? Shoot - I'll even work with a witch doctor just to avoid having to use that nasal spray.

Thinking I would be clear of this by now, Chris and I had signed back up for scuba lessons which are scheduled to start in two weeks - and my symptoms haven't really changed yet. If the head is still plugged, I cannot dive. This could possibly move the arrow up the suck meter as we are headed to Jamaica during Thanksgiving to attend one of my buddies weddings (Hi Jenn!) and the resort we are staying at provides two free dives per day. Totally included. I am praying this last dash at trying to cure the crap running through my body really works as I will be really pissed if I miss that diving opportunity. There will be, of course, lots of other things to do...but I feel like I have been waiting for this moment for so long...

With that, I would like to give a shout out to Mitch at Mitchell Scuba. If you are in the Bay Area and looking to get your diving certificate, give him a call. He is a hoot to 'play' with and an extremely patient and understanding man. Love ya Mitchy and hope to be swimming with you soon.


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