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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can justify ANY purchase now.

Handbags (and shoes) are my kryptonite. I have no self-control when I see a great looking handbag or a snazzy new pair of shoes, and they usually end up in my closet making friends with the other items sitting in there with the tags still on.

I used to think this was a problem. However, this past weekend, my recent impulse buy gave me the opportunity to expand my social circle and made me a couple of new friends (hi Zoe and Assaf!). Seems Zoe was smitten with the bag dangling from my arm and came over to let me know my credit card debt was worth it. I thought, well, that was sweet. Nice to find a fellow bag addict, I mean fashonista. So I owe a big 'thank you' to my Mary Frances bag for introducing me to two cool people I look forward to hanging out with a bit more.

So there. I knew it would pay off eventually. Chris cannot say anything now...well, he can...but I/we are always looking for new fun people to play with in this great city of ours, and knowing people 'might' actually be watching what I wear, I need to hit the stores. Ok honey, just kidding. I promise to pace myself...no more than two handbags per month. Unless there is a sale - then maybe I can squeeze in three.

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Blogger nomadichermit said...

heehee~~ i found you! we definitely need to go shopping together. but don't tell assaf or chris. ;p

10:20 PM

Blogger nomadichermit said...


10:50 PM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

So that is how you spell 'croquis'! Chalk that up to my public school education. Ha!

Shopping trip - absolutely. Just next time we can't blog about the purchase(s) as Chris had no idea how much the bag was until he clicked on the link. Whoops. :)

8:29 AM


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