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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SAVE THE DATE: BrainJams Event on 12/03/05

I am excited to announce the next BrainJams event is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd and will be held at the SRI facility in Menlo Park. A big 'thank you' to David Gutelius and the folks over at SRI for lending their space to us for the day - they are a good group doing good things and we truly appreciate their support.

If you find yourself asking what a BrainJam is - allow me to explain - it is a knowledge event in which we get software developers, VCs and end users together to share ideas and collaborate with the hopes it increases awareness and usefulness of the 'Web 2.0' technologies. We like the VCs there as it helps the moolah moving around Silicon Valley find a home.

This all day event will provide 1:1 networking opportunities, solution demonstrations, focus groups and maybe even a little song and dance. Who knows. We like to fly by the seat of our pants and don't believe in hard set agendas as this event is meant to free flow with little guidance - we are simply here to ensure the lights work in the meeting rooms so you can see who you are talking to.

We will follow up the BrainJam with a fabulous after party at a location which has yet to be determined - but will most likely be the BBC as they have good pints of beer on tap and well, it is close by.

The BrainJams wiki is currently being updated, so please bear with us, we are a small group of people who have to work full time jobs to pay the rent so things might take a day longer than we like. In the meantime, if you would to know more about where this idea came from and who we think we are - check out the BrainJams and/or the Web2point1 sites for all the juicy tid bits.

We are also planning a national tour, so stay tuned for those details. The idea is to take the event on the road to ensure it is not just the Bay Area talking (ode to Brian) to each other - but the nation talking and collaborating. Big goals for sure, but I think ones that can be accomplished. I mean heck - I am blogging. Who would have thunk THAT was possible.

So save the date (12/03/05) and we hope you'll join us for the Jam.

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