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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tell me you love me

On Sunday night, Chris and I attended the services of my friend's mother who lost her battle with brain cancer. What a wicked disease. The only good thing I can say about this cancer is it fortunately gave the family the time they needed to say goodbye and to get everything in order before Diane's untimely passing.

Of course, as most of us have learned the hard way - you never have near enough time to say goodbye to the ones you love. So reach out to those around you and tell them how much you adore them. Share the positive effects they have had on your life. Do this daily if possible. Pick up the phone, write a letter (or a blog), send some snail mail. Just do it. Your love will make a positive change on someone else's day.

Take chances. Share your love. Life is too short to worry about the consequences.

I love you 'D'. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I am here if you need anything - anything at all.


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