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Monday, July 03, 2006

Passionate about media and communications?

What happens when you get a couple of fellas in the room who are passionate about media, user experience and easy dissimiliation of data? You get the New Media Release project, the first undertaking for the Social Media Club, and a perfect way for us to launch the new organization.

We will be working on the standard press release (considering the name of 'hRelease' as we will be using Microformats to ensure standardization). Working to not only integrate podcasts and vlogs, but to set best practices on the text, tags and labels used for the company information so interested parties can retrieve the data quickly and easily.

Tom has asked Chris to coordinate the conversations around this topic, and anyone who wishes to be involved in developing industry standards and setting best practices with regards to media and communications can sign up on the Google group to offer their insights, comments and samples of work.

To read more on the New Media Release project, check out the blogs for Chris and Tom and the New Media Release discussion board.

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