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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Diet check. Week three. Technically.

We all know I suffer from lack of will power and have been battling with the diet world for the last five months. But I think I am finally on the right track. Losing weight. Feeling good.

Of course, neither Chris or I have been 100% strict on our Nutrisystem diet as eating dehydrated food every day can wear on a person, so a little break now and then keeps me feeling 'normal'.

We have had the Nutrisystem food in our house for 5-1/2 weeks and we have consumed about two and a half weeks worth (each) as we will go out for sushi when the mood hits, and I will have a glass of beer when my body says I need (well, wants) one. No harm, no foul. As long as we stick to the basics and watch the size of our portions, we should not stray too far from the road to building healthier bodies. And, interestingly enough - I have realized my body does not want/need a beer or a glass of wine every night. Surprise, surprise.

As for the scale...it says I am down a total of four pounds, though my clothes don't fit any different. I do think I need to drink more water as I am feeling a tad bit bloated (TMI?), so maybe I am holding onto some water weight? I also have not been in the gym as much as I would have liked recently as my projects seemed to have multiplied, and my days seem to be shorter, but I am currently correcting that (i.e. I am learning to say 'no' to others requesting my time) and am headed to the pool tomorrow. Baby steps they say.

After chatting about it a bit, both Chris and I have agreed we will not buy another bucket of Nutrisystem food. Neither of us enjoyed it, but we respect that it brought our attention to portion control and taught us the value of eating smaller meals more often. Not rocket science, but sometimes it just takes that little thing to snap you back into reality.

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