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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Damn. Chris outs himself and takes my power away.

There is an ongoing joke in our house that if I ask Chris to do something, and then have to ask him several times again - still to no avail - I tell him he needs to do what I ask, or I am going to blog about it. While I know it seems crude in nature, it is usually the kicker that gets him moving. And moving fast.

And the funny thing is - it is always some 'silly' item up for discussion when I threaten to pull the 'blogging it' card out of my pocket...cleaning the litter box, putting his clothes in the hamper, changing the empty roll of toilet paper.

Yes, I know the world will continue to spin if the items stay as they are, but these things bug me. Seems so simple to do - yet they aren't always done. I know these items are not as important to him as they are to me, so sometimes they get
overlooked. Fine.

I love this man of mine, so I can deal with pet peeves. But it doesn't stop me from pulling out the 'blogging it' card when I can, as I keep hoping I can train him like Pavlov's dog.

Well, so I thought until this past Friday.

Chris and I were at BloggerConIV and for some reason I chose to contribute little tidbits of my blogging life during Lisa Williams' session called 'Emotional Life' (Day 1, Session 6). I focused on why I started blogging (liberating my thoughts) and shared a specific experience that happened early on that actually made me question whether or not I should keep blogging or if I needed to change the way I blog (too personal). It was interesting to tel
l the story to the group in the room (most of them well-seasoned bloggers) as it is now eight months later and I realized how far I have come in such a short amount of time. Of course, I think I have made huge leaps and bounds as I never kept a journal (ever) before doing this thingy with Blogger online - and now I am sure some of you are there wishing I would keep quiet at times. But I like it. I like the freedom I have to express some of my thoughts. I like the 'power' it makes me feel I have. I have a voice. And, I like that I don't have to put everything out there if I don't want to. I can keep a little for me as well. (If you would like to hear my story, you can download the MP3 at the BloggerCon site and I start to chirp in at 33:04)

So anyway, I say I am done and they start to move the micropho
ne to the other side of the room when Chris raises his hand and said he had something to contribute as well. Lisa, realizing we belong together asks the microphone to be given to Chris as we all thought he was going to share something related to my story (he starts at 36:30).

Well, he did. A little bit I guess. And I will say it was sweet, as he spoke about how fun it was to watch me grow
during this little blogging adventure of mine and how proud of me he was to put it out there. What a nice guy. Have I said lately how lucky I am?

And just then, as he starts to hand the microphone back - smiles at me, looks to the crowd, and says 'oh, and sometimes I don't replace the toilet paper roll'.
Of course everyone laughed, and Chris smiles even bigger, feeling rather proud of himself.

Damn. How did I let my consort catch me offguard like that? How can he, in the blink of an eye, take my 'blogging it' card away so easily?

Oh well. Guess it was good while it lasted. :)

Photo credit for Pavlovs Dog

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