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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eight months and five events later...

Chris and I have found ourselves at a crossroads and in need of making a decision about where we wanted to take the BrainJams organization. Our main focus has always been on finding new ways to bring people together from diverse backgrounds to connect and share stories and/or experiences in an open, free flowing environment - but as time went on, we have discovered more organizations doing the same thing (in slightly different formats) and realized there was no need to duplicate efforts. We have decided to tweak our future projects to focus on more group to group activities with folks such as the NCDD and The Berkana group.

I am keeping this intentionally short as Chris has written a brilliant post about the history of BrainJams and our go forward strategy that I would encourage you to read.

We will also continue to support the efforts of the BrainJams NOLA team as well as other BrainJams like events as these are projects near and dear to my heart, and those I believe that will make a positive impact on society.

With this announcement we are also launching the Social Media Club ('SMC') which will be the parent of BrainJams, Inc. and is a vehicle to share best practices around media and communciations, promote media literacy and work those passionate about this subject to establish industry standards. We have started a SMC Google Group (nothing added to the page yet, so bear with me) as well as group for our first project - the New Media Release (more on this in another post).

I am so jazzed about the SMC and look forward to putting the verbal conversations we have had with others into action. If you are interested in social media and communications, I would encourage you to sign up and provide your insights.

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