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Friday, August 25, 2006

Is there an Expert (or two) in the house?


So the first gathering went off without any casualties (well, none that I am claiming), so Chris and I thought - what the heck?! Let's do another. And another (January 2007). And another (March 2007).

The idea is simple.

Option #1:
You have some knowledge. You would like to share that knowledge, so you come to CNET on Tuesday, September 19th and pay it forward. You leave knowing you have done something really nice and you will win the lotto next month. (Ok, so I can't really control that, but I believe in karma so let's think positive shall we?)

Option #2:
There is something you have been yearning to learn how to do. You put your name on our website and we see if we can find someone to help you out. You go home. You play with your new mad skills. You come back to the next Rent an Expert event and teach someone else. (Show. Do. Teach.)

We have also been graced by lovely sponsors / patrons and owe much props to Joel Sacks at CNET for allowing us to cop a squat there for the evening. And another huge shout out to Mindjet, who has donated a PC version of their MindManager program that some lucky receipient will be taking home with them that night. Now, bonus would be finding some loving soul to donate a little dinero so we can bring snacks and drinks to share. Hmmm?? Anyone got a few extra pennies in their pocket? Let me know.

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