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Monday, August 07, 2006

My EDD check barely covers my COBRA payment

When I was laid off, I had the following options (a) going without health insurance (stupid at my age = old), (b) trying to get a new policy on my own (stupid as I have bad body parts with pre-existing injuries = knees), or (c) extending my existing policy through COBRA and paying out the ass 'just in case' something happens (stupid as Murphy's Law will prove - nothing will happen during this time off).

Of course I chose option (c). Holy crap.

I find it amazing I have to spend $450+/month to ensure I don't end up spending 1,000's (or more) if I cut a finger off - which if you know me is likely as I am not the most graceful girl in the world.

To add insult to injury, my COBRA bill and my EDD check arrived on the same day. They basically cancel each other out so it looks like it is Top Ramen for me tonight.

Maybe I should work on that resume of mine...I need to find a sucker - oops I mean employer - to pick up the tab for my health insurance.

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