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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yahoo is truly del.icio.us

Well, at least the BBQ they paid for was.

Last night Chris and I headed to Sunnyvale to help the folks at del.icio.us celebrate their 3rd year in existence and the feat of securing its one millionth user.

Met some fine folks, had some great conversations, and did I mention that BBQ? Yummy. The BBQ Boys from San Jose rock.

In fact, the BBQ moved me so much- I decided to sign up for del.icio.us today. Yep, must have been something in those beans.

Thanks to Yahoo for hosting a good party and I do reckon that del.icio.us is a keeper. Well, at least me (now) and 999,999 other people think so.

Photo credit: Scott Beale/LaughingSquid

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Blogger Debra said...

I spent most of a year wondering what the hot thing was about del.icio.us. Then Elisa Bauer explained how she her entire recipe collection from her blog organized on the site. She explained it's value in real-world terms. (not "social bookmarking and tagging".. yada, yada, yada... make my ears bleed...)

Now I use it for all the things I want to be able to track. And I can list it all my blog for others to look at too!!

11:15 AM

Anonymous Jackie Danicki said...

Dude, that cake looks SO damn good.

4:03 AM


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