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Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy One Web Day

One Web Day is a global holiday to celebrate the Internet. Modeled after Earth Day, One Web Day is a day to reflect on the impact of the Internet on our lives, businesses and the world around us. Across the globe people will be joining together on and offline to participate, post, converse, and share in a multitude of small (and big) ways their personal stories.

In celebration of OneWebDay, my buddy Shannon Clark is helping to organize two events here in San Francisco TODAY:
  • 8:30am - downtown San Francisco outside of One Market Street (plaza across from the Ferry Building). They will be handing out flyers, stickers and buttons, taking photos and shooting video asking people about the impact the Web has had on their lives, businesses and communities.
  • 12pm (noon) - in Union Square. They will gather and hold a series of conversations, outside, in small groups to explore and celebrate the Web and it's impact. This will be a mix of a "camp" format and my MeshWalk format (a mini conference held outside, possibly in motion).
I have a post coming that will speak to what impact the Internet has had on my life (some positive, some negative) and hope to have that finished shortly. Right now it is 3:59am and I need to go to bed. (Note: Shannon, I will miss the 8:30am gathering but will be there at noon)

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