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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Whole Foods supports BrainJams

Whole Foods ('WF') should be the grocery store of choice for everyone who eats. Heck, if you need shampoo, pick it up here as well - they have an amazing selection to ensure your noggin is as well taken care of as the rest of your body. And it doesn't matter what WF store I spend my money in, I always receive great customer service and a warm smile. Thank you WF for setting such a good example.

I would like to send a special shout out to Jose and Gary in the catering department at the Palo Alto store for coming up with a $50 gift card, and becoming the newest patron for the next
BrainJams event on December 3rd in Menlo Park. I made requests to three major grocery chains and WF is the only one who has agreed (so far) to work with us, even though our non-profit filing had not been completed yet (seems to be a sticking point with some). Thank you fellas. I truly appreciate the support.

Now, the other two might still come through as I don't give up that easily. If they do, I will most certainly give them props, but WF will remain my favorite. Well, unless their donation is HUGE, then they might have a chance to be at the top of my list. Yes, that's right. I can be bought. For a good cause that is. Nah, who am I kidding. My love is not for sale. WF rocks and even though it is all the way across town from my house, I am willing to make that drive as they support the community as all corporations should. It is called 'giving back'. What a concept.

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