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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It will be easier to elope...

I always thought it would be cool to be barefoot in the sand with a pig roasting over a fire, an endless keg, and my close friends and family there to witness it all. Living in the Bay Area, sunny days at the beach are hard to plan for - so a destination wedding was likely.

Chris proposed, we quickly threw out some suggestions and started to narrow spots down with Santorini, Big Sur, and Key West high on the list. All completely different from each other, any would be fabulous.

Over the last month, it has been interesting to watch the reactions from both friends and family when I mention possible wedding locations. Some are on board no matter where we do it - with several leaning towards Santorini as they would like to make a vacation out of it. Others find it hard to believe we would ask them to travel long distance to attend the wedding.

The latter is mostly my family. My clan figures since I grew up in the Bay Area and 98% of those who I would invite are within a two hour drive, a San Francisco/Napa wedding would make the most sense. They forget my fiance hails from the East Coast and it would be nice if we took his clan into consideration too.

I don't know, maybe Chris and I should just continue to live in sin as I feel like no matter what we decide, someone will not be happy. All that really matters to me is that we are able to spend our lives together - whether there is a ring on my finger or not.

Oh well. Guess we should focus on setting a date first - then worry about the rest of it.


Blogger Chris Heuer said...

ummm, thought we already did - isnt it time we told everyone....

4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:53 PM

Blogger Joseph said...

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9:44 PM

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