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Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's all part of the process

Tonight I was at the Fillmore grooving to the fluid sounds of Morcheeba. I have loved this band since they first hit the scene in 1996, and the show did not disappoint - they played a great mix of songs from all five albums and even with a new lead singer, sounded dead on.

I also put a notch in my 'first time for everything' belt tonight. Chris was not feeling well, and none of my local buddies dig Morcheeba (their loss of course), so I decided to go to the show by myself. Normally, I would have stayed home as the concert scene is not something I like to do alone. For some reason I can go to a movie by myself, but a concert? Scary stuff man. I then thought about a couple of shows in the past I chose to miss as I couldn't round up a 'date' and said - NO MORE! So off to the Fillmore I went and I am all the better for it. It also makes it easier to get in the front row as I found people allow one person to get through much easier than two or more. :)

I thought the blog title 'It's all part of the process' was appropriate as it is not only one of my favorite Morcheeba songs, but it hits the nail on the head as challenging yourself daily by stepping outside of your comfort zone is all part of the process of ensuring you continually grow as a person.


Blogger Andy Kaufman said...

There's nothing wrong about going to a show by yourself. It forces you to be an extrovert and make new friends. I've made friends from coast to coast just by walking around at concerts.

10:34 PM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

I know - it is funny as I am normally the one forcing friends to get out of their shell...guess the best way to do this is to lead by example. ;)

8:01 AM


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