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Sunday, December 04, 2005

BrainJams: Wrap Up

I know I have said this a 100 times in person, but I must give a formal 'thank you' to David Gutelius and the folks at SRI for their genorosity in lending their Menlo Park facility to us on Saturday. Location is the biggest piece in planning the BrainJams events, so their early support and donation of the space made the rest of the logistics a cake walk for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I would also like to thank the 60+ people who chose to spend their Saturday with us. It is with your support and energetic spirit that BrainJams will persevere to spread positive change in the way we see the world and how technology continues to evolve. I am reading through the surveys now and your insights and recommendations will be put together on a
Mind Map that will be posted to the blog by weeks end.

A big 'thank you' is also given to Noah Kagan from
OkDork.com and FaceBook.com. Noah led a panel with four college students (from Stanford and UC Berkeley) to discuss what they think about the latest technology, what they use and why. It was informative, entertaining and I might even go so far as to say 'scary' as I heard just how many hours these students spend online each day playing in FaceBook, downloading music and shopping for gadgets. Somehow though, they manage to get all their homework done, and I have no doubt these four individuals will be part of the groups curing cancer and developing software that will change how we live our daily lives. Andy Kauffman managed to record a good chunk of the discussion for us to enjoy time and time again. Thanks Andy.

The amazing
Brian Shields from KRON4 skipped the after party to ensure the event was highlighted on the Saturday night news at 9pm and decided sleep was not necessary as he also produced a longer piece for the Sunday morning news. Thank you so much Brian. Your love and support of BrainJams means so much to us both.

Then there are our Patrons who ensured this event could happen without me having to dig into my savings account. Extra 'props' go out to
SRI, Mindjet, TechCrunch, Pandora, Laughing Squid, Nate Koechley, Whole Foods, RateItAll, Scissor, gada.be, and Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor, & Zafman, LLP. Speaking of gada.be, founder Chris Pirillo interviewed my Chris for the Pirillo Show and came up with a good little diddy. Make sure you check it out.

And last, but surely not least, I would like to thank
Chris Heuer. You have given so much to so many, and positively changed lives with your loving spirit. Thank you for sharing your passion and your ideas with the world. I love you muffin.

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