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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mom and dad spent my inheritance well.

Tired of the 'rat race' in the Bay Area, my folks sold off everything and moved to the Oregon Coast. Originally, I thought they were crazy. Oregon? Why would they want to leave the house their kids grew up in, all of their friends and the comforts of the Bay Area?

Then I saw it. The plot of land that would soon support their dream house. Nestled into a hillside - sitting 50 feet away from the Pacific Ocean. Ok, now I understand. Go ahead and build - I didn't need to go to college anyway.

That was six years ago and every time I come up here, I am still blown away by this place. Doesn't matter if we are strolling on the beach, fishing in the ocean, or hiking around
Natural Bridges - it always takes my breath away. Last nights sunset is a great example of this as I see 100s of these in San Francisco, but they seem so much more special here. (photo coming shortly).

It also warms my heart to see my parents so darn happy just 'being'. They busted their butt to make sure my sisters and I were never left wanting - and I am happy to see that karma has paid them back nicely. They are amazing people and they deserve everything good in life.

So, I encourage my folks to keep spending my inheritance and enjoying their life - wouldn't hurt me to work a little harder so I can buy my own dream house one day.


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