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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Calling all BrainJams volunteers!

We are now 24 hours away from the next BrainJams event to be held at the SRI facility in Menlo Park.

Several people signed up to be a volunteer ('thank you') and I would like to start putting names to specific activities to ensure smooth sailing at the event. On Saturday, we need three types of folks:

1 - the general handyman/handwoman folks: crowd control, problem troubleshooter, general clean up, breakdown, set-up (everyone can pitch in for this, by the way). Need people interested in helping with registration here too as we want to keep the table manned through the morning at least to greet people and direct them as to what is going on.

2 – the technical folks: audiovisual people to handle projectors and general tech assistance during the sessions and during the day. There will be wifi, projectors and an audio system that all need some managing. We also need some broader support from anyone who has Web coding experience as there are many little projects we have for the Web site still to be done, but this is less immediate need.

3 – the 'note makers': people to be in charge of making notes from each of the afternoon sessions. Ideally these notes will be collected and used at the end of the day for the closing session. Note makers will also play a role in the closing session to help direct the conversation of what was talked about so that others who were not in that session can get a sense of what went on. Making sure we have at least one note maker for each session to type up or write up the notes is really important to do before the event. This would be most helpful if you have a PC Laptop to do this with since hand written notes won't work for what we are trying to do with them. People with experience doing MindMaps are especially encouraged to help out here, although we can have separate people for this as necessary.

Of course, we would also encourage you to step up to the plate as a session leader for the afternoon sessions, so please add the topic you would like to talk about most to the agenda page here

Once you've figured out which kind of folk you'll be - handyman, technical, notemaker - put this beside your name on the wiki here
http://www.brainjams.org/wiki/index.php?title=BrainJam3Dec2005 or shoot me an email at kristiewells [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you're available to help out on Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning with setup (setting up tables, badges, etc.), please contact me via email so we can coordinate as appropriate. (We are arriving around 8am Saturday and
Chris will be on site Friday afternoon from 3-5 or so)

Note that registration will loosely open at about 8:30 at SRI, so we need as many folks on hand then as possible to sit down with us and go over what the day will look like as it unfolds. The more people that understand how it all works, the better it will be. In fact, at 8:30am Chris will talk with all the volunteers for about 15 minutes regarding his vision for how the BrainJamming sessions work and what the rest of the day will be like.

And, of course, it goes without saying, please don't forget to blog about the event before, during and after, as necessary and use 'brainjams3Dec2005' as the tag to ensure it is easily trackable. We've done some basic PR for the event and expect a good sized crowd, but it really helps to get the word out. Most importantly in this regards would be to talk about your intentions for the day, a post about what session you want to see and why, or more about the conversations you want to have with other people.

Again, thanks for volunteering, and look forward to seeing and meeting everyone on Saturday. We appreciate all your efforts and look forward to a great Brainjams event!

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