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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stick with me kid...you might learn something.

It is a wonderful feeling when you can share something new with those you love. Of course, it is usually Chris enlightening me, but this past weekend, I had the opportunity to bring something cool into my parents world. Flickr.

Ok, so for many out there in geekdom this is old news. But for my folks - this is way cool. My mom is pretty savvy when it comes to computers and programs (though she still uses AOL - yuck), my dad not so much as I had to show him where the 'c' was on the keyboard.

They knew Chris and I were posting photos online, but they would always just click on the link to the set I sent them and didn't think they had access to anything else.

So one night over dinner I was talking about uploading the photos from the camera and it piqued my dad's interest. Downstairs we went and one hour later - he had a Yahoo email address, a Flickr account and a photo posted. It was so much fun to see the excitement in his eyes as he realized how Flickr could not only keep him up to date with what Chris and I (and other family members and friends online) were doing, but how it could really support his business.

You see, daddy paints. I should say daddy paints really well - and he has been fortunate enough to sell his work consistently throughout Oregon and California. We all realized the benefit of trying to branch him out nationally (need him to rebuild my inheritance for one thing), so Chris decided to construct a website for him and we figured loading everything into Flickr would give additional 'brand awareness'
as people could view his paintings/prints online and then have it shipped -vs- having to drive to their little Coastal town which is not always an easy thing to do. I don't think I have ever heard him giggle like that before (though I am sure it had something to do with him learning something new before mom). So, I leave him with all his passwords and say 'play with it a bit' figuring he might log in once more and then lose interest, which would mean I would spend a few hours a night posting his photos online for him.

Well, much to my surprise - he has logged in every day and has been watching mine and Chris' Flickr accounts to see what we have been doing while in Tahoe. He is currently working on snapping photos of his art and as soon as mom shows him how to upload from the camera - will be posting them online. Guess he just can't cut out the 'middle man' (think mom likes to keep a little control - ha!). So Flickr on daddy, I'll be watching.


Blogger nomadichermit said...

wow! i don't think my dad even knows how to turn on a computer.

6:23 PM

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