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Sunday, January 22, 2006

BrainJamming on 'The Hill'

We are just about one week away from our first non-Bay Area BrainJams event happening on Monday, January 30th in Washington D.C. Truth be told, right now there is a mixture of excitement and a little fear running through my system. Excitement, as we are starting to generate buzz and several people have registered which is a good sign. Fear, as I am a 'Type A' planner and we are only starting to really promote the event now which makes me wonder - are the postings to Upcoming, EVDB or CraigsList working? Will the community be there to receive us as they have in the Bay Area? Is anyone blogging about it to help create awareness? Am I stressing for no reason because that is part of me wanting to control everything and I can't (and shouldn't)? :)

I guess it boils down to it doesn't matter how many people are there. We are pushing forward. We are taking a great idea and turning into an amazing organization. And DC won't be our last stop. We have plans for events in Berkeley (February 25th), San Francisco (April), and New York (June) and I would love to build out an event list for the rest of 2006. Maybe Boston? Sacramento?
Dallas? Suggestions for other cities?

All in all, I can't wait to see what people bring to the table this go around. I would also love to find someone in the community who would be interested in ensuring these events continue in D.C. once Chris and I are back in the Bay Area. Give them tools to launch their own events and watch it grow organically.

Jam on!

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Blogger Chris Heuer said...

No worries hunny - its hard for me too, especially with that perfectionist streak I must constantly fight in order to even try anything new... The key is to go with the flow, not force it and trust that the right people will show up. It has worked thus far and will continue to do so. If we only have 10 people show up, it wont be as fun, but we will make the most of it. I am still expeecting to see somewhere around 60-80 people though, so only time will tell...

10:47 AM


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