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Friday, January 13, 2006

BrainJams Coming to D.C.!

Many thanks to John Johnson for opening the doors to the DC Improv and allowing us to 'jam' in his space when BrainJams comes to Washington D.C. on January 30th.

The website will be updated within the next couple of days with all the pertinent information - for now, there is a bit more available on Chris' blog
- including venue information, times, and proposed agenda.

We are actively looking for patrons to help cover some of the expenses and if you are able to lend a monetary (or likewise) hand, we promise to shower you with lots of love and limelight. We would also love help in setting up and breaking down - so if you are interested in either sponsoring the event or volunteering, please contact me at kristiewells [at] gmail [dot] com.

So, spread the word and we will see you in D.C.!

P.S. And remember....there will be another local (to me) BrainJams event in Berkeley at the end of February. We are currently trying to secure a good venue, so if you know of something near BART (preferably with WiFi), please drop me a line.

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