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Friday, September 08, 2006

You know it's a party when *you* take the keg home...

Last night we (the Social Media Club / BrainJams crew) co-hosted an open house with our buddies from BuzzLogic at our new digs in the Looksmart building on Second Street.

The building is secured tighter than Fort Knox, so we had to limit our get together to the folks on the 3rd and 4th floors and a handful of outside guests (they would have opened up the entire building if we had given them more notice) - but we still had a nice turnout (about 40 people) and met some really good folks. Chris even got in a foosball game or two so I know he was a happy camper.

The party ended with the keg still about 1/3 full, so Chris and I decided to bring it home so the folks coming over on Sunday for the Web 2point2 planning party have something to help wash down the pizza with. I think it always makes planning a little easier when you have a heat on, right? :()

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