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Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy birthday grammy.

October 24th. My grandma's birthday. Though she passed away 11 years ago, this day cannot come and go without me thinking about her. What a lovely woman. I wonder if she knew how much how her love and spirit moved me then. And...continues to move me today.

I keep a photo of her on my fridge and her sweet giggly laugh sounds in my ears anytime I think of her. Wow. So cool people can affect you that way. May I be as lucky to move someone as my grammy moved me.

I miss you.


Blogger Rachel said...

What a sweet entry. It makes me think of my own grandmother, "Nana". We didn't always get along, but she was a seminal force in my life who helped shape me. Heck, I still dream about her lo many years ago. Families leave traces on us in ways we're not always aware of, and that aren't always apparent until they're gone, sadly.

I don't know if those people who influence us on such a deep level do know how much they've moved us or if it's possible for them to know. I do take a lesson out of knowing those people - to let anyone in my life that I love know that I love them...no occasion or reason necessary, and several times a day :) That's the biggest gift our loved ones give to us - the inspiration to spread that love to others (be they family, or new friends).

And I'm sure you'll move someone as you grammy moved you, if you haven't already ;) Ok, no more silly comments postings from me. I just like reading other people's entries and giving them kudos when they're good.

10:40 AM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

I couldn't agree with you more (about how good my blog was - ok, just kidding). I find it amazing when I come across people who are not able to express their feelings and keep it all inside - how can they live truly fulfilled lives? Maybe I express too much, but I am confident those around me know what they mean to me and will never doubt the love we share. Hug your friends. Show people you care. Spread the love. Live your life to the fullest and thank the heavens above when nice, smart, loving people come into your life. (ahem - that would be directed towards you Ms. M)

11:40 AM


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