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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'd look good driving a BMW 650i convertible...

I was on the phone with my dad last night moaning over the inability of my car to just roll over and die as I want a new ride something fierce. With the 2006 models coming out this month, my car is now 12 years old and last week the odometer clicked 203,000. I had no idea motors could last this long…

You see, I come from a long line of car lovers who believe you should buy a new vehicle every 2-3 years, and the proverbial domino effect runs wild in our clan. My mom or dad would start it by going out and buying a car. Then we’d be chatting and I’d get the itch. I’d drive my new ride over to my sister’s house and whalaa – she was off to the dealership. Fast forward 2-3 years and we’d start the cycle again. If only we had timed it better, we might have been able to capitalize on dealership discounts for multi-car purchases.

It was always a great feeling as you never quite lose that new car scent, the leather is always soft on your tush, you don’t have to deal with this thing called ‘maintenance’ and if something does go wrong – you exercise your warranty option. That is surely worth a car payment or two isn’t it?

So why have I kept this one for so long? I have never really been in love with this car. It was simply a vehicle to get me to and from work at the time. It doesn’t have any get up and go – in fact, I am always amazed that I don’t get creamed when trying to merge onto the freeway. It is a 4-dr sedan, so it is far from sexy. The sunroof is broken and I refuse to pay $2,500 to fix it. I need a new antenna and the dealership thinks $500 is a reasonable price – no thank you. There is a weird smell coming out of it that has eluded three different mechanics. What gives? I had every intention of replacing it after a year or two, so it boggles my mind how I can still be driving this clunker today.

Could it simply be there has not been a car to make me go ‘oooooohhh’ in 12 years? Hard to believe, but I think so. Lord knows the Marketing departments of the car manufacturers work overtime in trying to sell us a new lifestyle, but nothing has made me stop and drool. Then enter the BMW 650i convertible. Oh my God. I think I am in love. In fact, Chris, sorry baby, but I want to cuddle up to this tonight. Wow. What a work of art.

So there. My choice has been made for me. I knew if I waited long enough – it would come. And so it has. I went online and checked Kelly blue book today and much to my astonishment, the piece of metal I spent $40,000 on in 1994 is now only worth $4,000. How can that be? I understand the logic of depreciation…but that bucket of tin has lost $3,000 per year over the last 12 years. I might as well throw that bugger away now. Well, ok maybe that is going a little far, but unbelievable how little value that car now holds. Especially, if I factor in taking off $2,500 for the sunroof and $500 for the antenna. I am now driving a car that is worth less than a Yugo.

So I picked myself up off the floor and brushed the carpet lint off my sweater. Ok, the worst part is over. I know I cannot count on my car being a ‘down payment’, but hopefully the dealership will look favorably on me (I am sure I can find a tight top) and will honor the $4,000 Kelly Blue book value.

So on to cars.com I go...

2006 BMW 650i Convertible
Vehicle Price: $81,195.00
Down Payment: $0
Trade-In Value:* $4,000.00
Sales Tax: 0%
Interest Rate: 6.83%
Term (Months): 60
Monthly Payment: $1,522.36
Total Cost: $95,342.00

* This of course takes for granted they would actually give me $4,000 for my heap.

$1,522.36 per month to just get into the drivers seat. This doesn’t factor in gas, insurance (which is horrendous with a San Francisco address), maintenance, etc. Where is that multi-million dollar winning lotto ticket when I need it most? ‘To the pain’. (For all you Princess Bride lovers) To come so close to greatness and have it so far out of my reach. It just isn’t fair.

So I called my dad to commiserate some more. I was hoping he would feel sorry enough for his little girl that he would share some lucky bucks for a down payment so it would bring my car payment down to a reasonable figure per month. But no…instead I hear ‘you know honey, you should have been making fake car payments into a savings account all these years when you didn’t really have one so when the jewel of your eye actually arrived – you would have the moolah to buy it without a second thought.’ Ummmm…thanks dad.

He laughs and in the same breath says….’so I sold my truck and your mom and I are now looking for a replacement vehicle. What does this BMW look like?’ The cycle begins again…

So reality sets in and I look down at my key ring realizing I don’t have it so bad. Yes, I would love a zippy new ride. Do I want to give up the things I do just to drive my dream car. No. I shall drive my tried and true vehicle into the ground and hopefully follow my dad’s advice so when my bucket of tin finally retires to the car graveyard – I will be ready and able to buy perfection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your storey but your dad is right. i also fell in love with the car so i purchased it. being a true car guy i think it looks like jennifer hawkins with a nice set of wheels. rob

3:25 PM


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