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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination

Thank goodness. Feeling a sense of relief that this Bush crony is no longer a contender.

What a scary society we live in if what you know is not as important as who you know. The Miers nod coupled with the recent fiasco surrounding FEMA's Michael Brown are two recent examples of someone completely ill fitted for a position being given the job because of who s/he knew. I have seen this happen time and time again within the 'bubble' of the tech world, but little old naive me was hoping it was not as wide spread as it seems to be.

My confidence in this administration steadily declines. (I know, hard to believe I still have confidence with all that has happened over the last four years). I crave a sense of stability and sign of intelligence within our Federal government. Is this too much to ask?

Please stay Judge O'Conner. I know you are 75 years old - simply ignore my politicians post as I think you are the exception to the age rule. I understand your husband is not well and it is critical you spend as much time with him as possible. But please, please look at the fragile state our country is in and give those of us who still believe there is such a thing as keeping your mind open and voting cases based on merit a glimmer of hope here. Stay at least until I can go to law school, pass the bar, sit on a local bench for year and then relieve you. I promise to start studying now.

P.S. If you want a funny read, there is a great Harriet Miers blog.


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