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Saturday, November 19, 2005


So I finally had my day on a golf course. I have tried several times over the last couple of years to play with the big boys, but my softball swing has prevented me from being called up to the 'show'. Then it happened.

It was a simple 9-hole course. It was humid. I was chopping the heck out of the ball. After 4 holes, I was hitting 20 over par, but hey, it was my first time ever on the greens, so I was happy I had only lost one ball.

We stroll up to the 5th hole. There is a HUGE waterway between me and the yellow flag. Both Chris and his grandpa are suggesting I take the 'girlie' route and shoot around it as I am sure to lose a ball or four trying to hit over it. I figure what the heck - no guts no glory, right? So I line up at the tee. 5 iron in my hand. Chris fires up the camera to document my embarassment. Now that is love. :)

So, I look at the flag one more time for good measure, take a big swing and pow! I stand frozen as I watch the wind carry my little white round friend up and way - and I feel like I am imersed in the middle of a ketchup commerical (you know 'anticipaaaaaation...'). Though as 'luck' would have it, I cleared the waterway with ease - and oh look, I think I hit it farther than either of you boys. Is it wrong that makes me feel so good?

Sadly - my euphoria is short lived. The 6th hole took me out as I shot an 11 on a par 4.

And, we don't need to discuss what my swing looks like. I got the ball over the water. That's all that matters. However, if anyone knows a good golf coach, I would appreciate your passing along his/her number. You know, in case my 'friend' has a need.


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