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Monday, January 23, 2006

What good is a Blackbery without email?

So I stupidly dropped my Treo 650 into a glass of water last week and now the bugger won't boot up. Crap. It wasn't even a year old. And how it happened has given Chris way too much pleasure in retelling the story - so I won't bore you with the details here - I am sure you will here about it at a party or event sometime soon.

Part of me is happy as I have never been a fan of the Treo. It was a novel idea to start, but then the calls started dropping, the Treo turned off randomly and I could not get it to ever hot sync up with our Media PC which made updating my contact list a real pain in the butt. The other part of me wants to scream at the top of my lungs as these gadgets are not cheap to replace. Unfortunately, I need a 'tool' to help me stay organized and connected, so a replacement will be bought.

With this opportunity to start anew, I began the search for alternate PDAs. After reading 100 comparisons and what feels like 800 reviews - I settled on the Blackberry. Seemed to have all the options I wanted, those around me (with the exception of one) raved about it, and it was a tad bit less expensive than the Treo. Score! Of course, I had heard the rumblings of a patent lawsuit - but everyone I spoke to felt Research In Motion ('RIM' aka: maker of the Blackberry) would come out on top.

So, I call Cingular to make the swap and hurray! - my new Blackberry arrived today. As I am breaking open the box, I get an email alert about an article updating me on the lawsuit - and it doesn't look good for RIM or more importantly - Blackberry users. Unless of course, you work for the government or emergency services as you will most likely be able to retain the email feature.

My question is - if RIM loses this lawsuit and they pull the email feature from us everyday, run of the mill people - what good is the Blackberry? Why not just get a Razr or some other phone then? I am struggling with this now as they most likely won't make a decision until October 2006. So - do I keep it and take my chances? Do I return it and get another Treo? Do I return it and get a Razr? ARGH! I thought modern technology was supposed to make my life easier!

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