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Thursday, February 09, 2006

My boy never ceases to amaze me...

Chris was supposed to be flying out to Vancouver tonight to attend Northern Voice 2006 and give a presentation tomorrow on the new BrainJams community site he just launched. Unfortunately, he caught a flu bug a couple days ago and after much deliberation, decided this afternoon to cancel the trip and stay home to save 100's from contamination - ensuring now only I will catch the cold. :)

I have to admit - I was really pushing him to go as I felt it was a great opportunity to spend more quality time with those
we love and respect, while meeting new amazing people and spreading the BrainJams community love. Not to mention he had already forked out the moolah for the airfare and hotel expenditures and most of that cannot be recovered.

However, after hearing his
reasons, I realized he was dead on (again). Too many times people go into work or attend a function while feeling under the weather and cause a chain reaction of nose blowing and hacking coughs everywhere. I am as guilty as anyone and have only just recently realized it is ok to work from home or even go totally crazy and take the time off if needed to get healthy and reduce the possibilities of spreading my germs.

I love him for standing by his beliefs even if it means he has to make sacrifices in life. Granted, canceling a trip may not be seen as a huge sacrifice to some, but for us it is on so many levels. I am proud that Chris is willing to walk the walk and continues to lead by example in everything he does. Is he perfect - absolutely not - but I will leave the hamper story for another day. :) What he is, is a man willing to give endlessly of himself to help others succeed and prosper both personally and professionally. And I am thankful every day he is in my life.

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