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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I need a calendar to keep up with my calendar.

I am on event overload. There is so much going on lately that keeping one calendar does not seem like enough to ensure we get in everything we need to.

I think it all started with the Net Squared conference and my three trips over the last two weeks (Palm Springs, New York and Monterrey). There are two more tech events this week and VloggerCon over the weekend. Actually, I think we should be able to get through this in one piece - it is really next week I am worried about...
Luckily, the following week won't be as bad for me. Chris will be heading to Seattle for Gnomedex, so this should give me some time to unwind and get my calendar set up for July, as there seems to be a bit of activity going on there too, with the BrainJams Rent and Expert and the BlogHer conference high on my list.

So I guess I need to start eating more Wheaties and drinking a little more Red Bull. It probably wouldn't hurt to hire an assistant to keep our calendars up to date for us as that seems to be turning into a full time job lately. :/

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