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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I don't want to sell insurance again...

Do you know how many recruiters have called in the last two weeks to offer me insurance related jobs? No exxageration -- 11. Yes, that's right. 11.

Now mind you I have not been in that industry for over eight years and please know I am not trying to sell myself short (as I AM a hot comodity - HA!), but can insurance agents be that hard to come by these days that they would call someone who has been out of the market for so long? Crikey.

Well, for the record - I do not wish to be an insurance broker again. I spent 12 years in that industry and I left for a reason. Primarily as I had hit the salary cap and commisions levels and I am girl with a purse and shoe habit that needs to be satisfied. I also thrive in chaos and fast paced environments and those are not words I would ever use to describe the average insurance agency.

So thank you for thinking of me, but the role of insurance broker is not the opportunity I am looking for.

P.S. If you are thinking of contacting me with a MLM business proposal - don't. I have had plenty of those calls too and that is absolutely not my cup of tea.

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