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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

UPDATE: Rent an Expert has been postponed

Unfortunately we were not able to secure a venue in San Francisco in time to pull this event off tomorrow night, so we have decided to postpone the
Rent an Expert until July 19th. We are working with the folks over at CNET in the hopes of securing their meeting space, and will keep everyone up to date on the developments there.

I do wish to send thanks Seth Mazow who had graciously offered up the Interplast office space in Mountain View, and also to Raines Cohen who had a spot for us in Oakland. Both are viable options for future events, we just felt this time around it was better to postpone in lieu of moving to another city as many of the experts and registered participants could not make it either East or South. But I will be calling both of you soon for other get togethers we would like to plan! :)

So mark your calendars for July 19th and keep a watch on the BrainJams blog as more information will follow shortly - and shoot me an email if you have a line on folks that might eb interested in throwing a handful of dollars our way to help cover drinks and snacks.

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