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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Looking for a few good mates.

Cabin mates that is.

Chris and I have been renting a ski house in North Lake Tahoe (Truckee) the last couple of years that puts us within 20 minutes from our favorite places - Squaw, Alpine and Northstar. There are usually 10 members involved in the house which makes the fees pretty reasonable, especially when you factor in what a hotel would cost us for the season with as much as my little snow bunny likes to go up there (I hope to hit the slopes hard this year too - if my knee holds up that is). Note to self...get in and see the knee doctor ASAP.

The same core group of have been together the last three years, but it seems injuries, weddings and babies has a few of us needing to skip this little piece of heaven this season. Bummer for us, but life goes on they say.

So we are now looking for a few good mates. Five to be exact. We are a group of 'professionals' in our 30's and 40's, social drinkers who like to cook, but who are just as likely to head out to dinner together as well. We all help to keep the house clean and believe no one should have to clean up after someone elses mess.

Think along the lines of Friends, not Animal House. We would like you to be the same. Not too tall of an order is it? Oh. And you need to have $1,500. Muy importante. Part of this amount includes a deposit that we will hopefully see at the end of the season if we are good boys and girls.

As of right now there are four boys and one girl signed up. While I personally like those odds, I wouldn't turn down another blast of estrogen or two in the house. But, if it ends up just being me and nine boys...well, somehow...I will make it through the season.

So is anyone interested in joining us, or do you know someone else who might be? Drop me a line at kristie [at] brainjams [dot] org. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, so we need to make a decision quick (by Monday, 9/11/06) as homes up there are being gobbled up quickly.

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