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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome to hoochie land

I can only hope neon is coming back in style or I am going look like a total hoochie mama when I answer my phone in public.

Yes folks. I own a hot pink phone. A hot pink Razr to be exact. Didn't know they made them in hot pink? Yeah, I didn't either until I opened the box and got the shock of a lifetime.

Let me backtrack a bit...

So I have had some problems with my Treo recently. Add to the mix Chris accidently dropping it at a party a couple weeks ago, and now my Treo has decided it has had enough abuse and stopped turning on, taking all my contacts with it. Now, it is not THAT bad as I backed the bugger up a couple months of ago, but there are some recent entries that are gone forever unless I pay Palm and/or Cingular to retrieve the data for me (still trying to decide if it is worth it or not as I hate giving those f***ers any more money - more on that below).

Anyway, my Treo is dead. I call Cingular and they go through their standard script - offering me a new one for $200 if I sign another two year deal. With all the problems we have had with Cingular - the last thing I wish to do is start another two year contract with them. SO how much is it retail I ask? $400? No thanks. I didn't like it that much anyway. So I decide to look at alternatives. How much is the Razr I ask? $99 with a two year contract or $350 if I pay retail. Crap. I guess I can always take the new contract, pay $99 for the phone and if I want to cancel before the end of the term I will just owe them $175 early termination fee. That option still saves me ove $75 from their retail price, but it just doesn't seem right I should have to be locked into an agreement when we are already 1-1/2 years into the existing agreement. And either way, I will then have to pay them $36 to activate the thing. So I decide to find another distribution center.

Enter eBay. Glorious eBay. I can be the proud owner of a new
unlocked Razr for about $150. Cool. That is what I will do. Don't have to deal with Cingular. No new agreements need to be signed. No additional fees required of me. Buy. Ship. Swap SIMs. Answer phone. Whalaa.

So I search eBay for a pink Razr to match my new Bluetooth headset and settle on an auction that I win easily. Of course, I should note the picture in the auction did show the phone being hot pink, but I erroneously thought it was just a bad picture as the only pink tone I had ever seen was the light pink from Cingular. The nice light pink color. Isn't it pretty? The light pink color.

So anyway, I win the auction, pay my money and a couple days later I get the phone. The hot pink phone. To top it off, the phone is set in Italian so I have to spend 1/2 hour trying to remember my lessons from five years ago to change it back to English. But I do. And it works, so I guess I can't complain.

Well, yes I can. The phone is hot pink. I look like such a hoochie mama.

Photo credit: Cingular

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