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Monday, October 09, 2006

Broke window. Stole wallet. Bought BART tickets.

Forest Gump's momma summed it up best when she said... 'stupid is as stupid does'.

And boy was I stupid when I left my wallet sitting out on the gear box of Chris' Jeep for a couple of hours Friday night on a dimly lit street near PacBell Park (near our office).

Some asshole saw the opportunity to put their hand through the window, grab the wallet and run to the Civic Center BART station where they proceeded to buy six BART tickets for $20 each. Now my wallet was full of cards so I guess I should count my lucky stars it wasn't some deputante who would have made their way over to Bloomie's and drained me of every last penny. But all this for $120? Crap. I would have gladly walked them over to the ATM and given them $200 CASH just to not go through the hassle of replacing the car window, all my credit cards, medical cards, the wallet, and my drivers license. Not to mention I had a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards from Macy's, Ross, Target, Staples, and Starbucks that I can never replace. That stuff is like cash - if you lose it - you can't replace it. And that sucks the most.


Well, what can I do but chalk it up to one of those little life lessons. This confirms
there are still bad people in this world, and we need to protect our crap. We also need to not do stupid things like leaving your wallet out in the open. I went ahead and filed a police report with both San Francisco and the BART police, but the odds of the culprit being caught and my wallet with all its contents being returned, is extremly slim (actually non-existent). I just need to work on replacing it all which means a trip to the DMV and to the Coach store (yippee!!).

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