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Monday, February 13, 2006

Who needs Vidal when you can have Damian...

I have been trying to grow my hair out over the last year and every time I get to that I just can't stand this length as it won't hold any style time, I always cut it off. Vicious friggin circle.

Enter Damian. Hair extension guru. And as luck would have it...he lives and works in my hood. For the same price of a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (on sale), you can walk out of Damian's salon with a full head of lucious, down to your butt if you want, hair. Of course - if you have this type of hair naturally - bite me. But for those of us not blessed in that manner - it can be a fabulous experience that can literally change the way you walk. Or dress. Or feel. Crazy that hair can do that, but it does.

I was faced with the hard decision of sharing the love and letting everyone know about my second most favorite boy in the world and face the possiblity he will always be booked up -or- keep him as my own dirty little secret so I know I can always get in to see him when I need to. When it came down to it, I realized it was not fair to be that selfish - so here I am, praising and loving him in public. It also helped my decision when I saw someone from Splendora had written a piece on him, so I figured word was getting out whether I wanted it to or not. :)

I feel I must forewarn you though. Hair extensions are addicting. I pulled mine out last week as I wanted to start swimming everyday to get back into shape and rehab my knee (I have mentioned before how chlorine and sea water are bad for extensions). I can tell you it has been a painful week for Chris as I have bitched and moaned about how unlovely my natural hair looks and I am aching to put them back in. No worries Damian - I have you on speed dial in case the withdrawl gets to be too much.

For those interested in getting the glam look, he can be found at Hair Play on Church/Market or you can call the salon direct at 415.863.0703.

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