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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BrainJams - expanding our reach

Following the BrainJams Berkeley event, Chris and I realized the tides were shifting so we needed to take a step back and figure out if we wanted to keep BrainJams 'as is', or invest more time and effort into the organization to expand it into something so much more.

We both have so much going on personally and professionally that we needed to discuss long term goals for us as a couple, the BrainJams community, and what we wish to do outside of the BrainJams community - coming to an agreement we both would be happy with. YAHOO! I think we are finally there.

It was an interesting process to go through as deep down inside, we both felt the same way, we just had different ways at coming to the same answer. The organization has to morph. BrainJams has been good at getting a diverse group of people together to share and learn,
and we will continue to hold these type of events with several coming up in New Orleans, SF, and possibly New York and/or DC over the next couple of months. But there is definitely a larger need that is not currently being met and I think we can step into that spot with just a little tweaking of our mission statement.

I won't get into all the details now, but we are putting together a little planning dinner in SF to discuss the 'vision'. The main focus will be on what needs to be done to build out the community (both technically and personally/building awareness), so anyone wishing to join us should simply shoot me an email at kristiewells [at] gmail [dot] com and I will provide details once we nail it down.

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