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Friday, February 24, 2006

Zombie March - San Francisco (Round II)

I love this city. Pillow fights. Zombie marches. Creativity at its finest.

My buddy
Scott just posted notice about the Zombie March San Francisco, taking place tonight (Friday, February 24th). Seems you can throw on your rattiest garb, don you best fake scar, grab a 40 (or two) of Old Milwaukee, and head to Union Square at around 9pm to join other zombies looking to dance their arses off to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

I really love this man Scott. Somehow he found a way to promote our
BrainJams event tomorrow within this posting for the zombie march:

P.S. Dear zombies, please keep away from
BrainJams, those are not the brains you are looking for.

Too funny.

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