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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Guess it is not too late to start TODAY

I cannot believe it is already March 21st. This sounds rather cliche(ish), but it really does seem like it was yesterday that I was sitting in the Tahoe cabin writing my blog post about how good I was going to be to my body in 2006. 79 days later...I am actually six pounds heavier and, I am not able to ski as my knees are killing me. WTF? If I keep going at this rate - I will be 300 pounds by October.

I know I have to lose weight - I cannot stay this way any longer - but I don't know why is it so hard to get back into a program. I used to love working out, running, biking, swimming, etc. - now I dread going to the gym. Somehow I let the last three months go by without holding myself accountable. Eek gad.

The ironic bit on this is last week I bought a bag of Dove bites and as I popped the first one in my mouth, I read the message on the inside of the wrapper. Gulp. 'Keep the promises you make to yourself.' Guess that means I should spit out the piece of dark chocolate that is melting perfectly inside my mouth. Well, no - don't be crazy. One piece of chocolate won't hurt me she says, right? Well of course not - it is the bag of chocolates she has in her hands she should throw away as she thinks about the six pounds she has gained since January 1st. :/

So today is the day. Sure, I should have been down 25 pounds by now - but I am not. I need to quit kicking myself and start anew. I need to put the bag of chocolates down and think how that will affect me long term. I need to refrain from cracking that bottle of wine every night with dinner or having that second (or fourth) beer when we are out playing with friends. Little 'sacrifices' should be able to be made without feeling like I am shutting myself off from the world.

I also need to find more time for me. Sure, I can easily find the one hour every Tuesday night when American Idol is on, but I need to find more - and I need to always watch American Idol via Tivo so that hour commitment is actually only 30 minutes which leaves me time for situps. The world will not stop rotating if I decide to dedicate time to exercise every. In fact, the world might be a better place as there will be more food and wine to share with others. :)

So this is it. My body is my temple and my temple is crumbling. Need to get to work to make sure we don't lose the foundation.

time is the charm.

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