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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drupal anyone?

So with our little discussion about BrainJams the other night came the realization the website my consort created was not going to suffice wholly going forward. While I think he did a mighty fine job, we needed something the people could log into easily to add/manage events, connect with one another, launch press releases from, etc.

What I am told we need, is a new community site built on Drupal.

On what my non-techie friends say? Exactly. I am told Drupal is a content management platform and after a little chat with Will last week - this seems like the best 'tool' to use, but I am sitting here looking at a site that needs updating and don't have any friggin idea on what to do or where to start. I am playing with the pages, but last thing I need to do is fuck everything up, which as a non-technie, is highly probable.

I could really use some help getting ramped up here, as I don't want my boy to do it all himself (well, he can't). So, if anyone out there in never never land knows a little about Drupal and wants to help out a good cause - reach out and touch me. I would really appreciate it.


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