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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Community. What a lovely word.

I am truly blessed and surrounded by a wonderful community of friends. Deep down inside I have always known this, but sometimes things happen that remind me just how lucky I am.

Friday was one of those days.

Chris and I decided to throw a last minute BBQ together this weekend, so I shot an email out to a small group of friends to come over and join us as we threw some meat on the grill, popped the top off a couple of beers, and chilled out in the sunshine. In the email I mentioned I had been laid off (part of the reason for the BBQ as I felt like celebrating) and joked if anyone needed their car washed or their weeds pulled - I was for hire.

In less than an hour I had three people respond with job prospects. My buddies had circled the wagons and were doing what they could to 'protect' me. They knew I didn't want to be out of work for long as I wish to keep the lifestyle I like to live (let's just say I have never been a Top Ramen kind of girl). Even a couple of Chris' friends who I didn't know as well offered some leads. God love them all for being there for me, and it just confirms how powerful belonging to a 'community' can be. Doesn't matter if it is centered around technology, knitting, sailing, or painting. Just circle yourself with loving, caring people to share your life and experiences with and you will be rewarded in so many ways.

So a big 'thank you' to everyone. I am busting at the seams with excitement over what lies ahead for me, and I sincerely appreciate the well wishes you have sent my way.

Also, stay tuned - there will be a big celebration bash once I either nail my dream job or hold that winning lotto ticket in my hand. :)

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Blogger Kimberly said...

Isn't it so nice to have a "community" family to support and help you through when you need it? I so appreciate those who have been my support over the years. Take care Love, Kimberly

6:02 AM

Blogger elkit said...

Apple has more than 400 open jobs in Santa Clara Valley. Come check it out: jobs.apple.com.

9:20 PM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Thanks Elkit, I shall.

Kimberly, yes it is a lovely thing to have that kind of support. I truly wish that for everyone.

6:40 AM

Blogger Gina said...

You are blessed indeed to have such a wonderful circle of support. You mentioned that you hope to find your dream job (or the winning lottery ticket) soon.
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www.mauidreamretreat.com is the site. She is giving away a maui
dream retreat that I think would be the perfect place to renew,
rejuvinate, restore, and set attainable goals!! Our world is changing so much that I am convinced the only way we can be successful and have careers we are happy in is to find our passion. Once I found my passion my dream career became evident. Marcia helps in not only finding our passion but setting attainable goals to achieve our life dreams.

Again, thank you for sharing and for such good information!!

May your day be filled richly with blessings and joy!


7:23 AM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Thanks for the website info Gina. I am happily still in the discovery phase. Not quite sure where I will go next, but I am enjoying the ride, and now my next employer will be lucky to have me. :)

11:43 PM


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