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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Women making a difference in this world...

Tonight I had the opportunity to have dinner with the Silicon Valley Supper Club (SVSC). This is a fabulous group of women in technology and digital media who get together once a month to share knowledge and advice to help each other get ahead in this world. They have put together a wonderful format where you can ask for something (job, money, advice, etc.) and then you must give something to the group (can be a book or restaurant recommendation, free consulting, new software you have mastered, etc). If you ask me, this is the best kind of support group and I am proud to be an offical member (thank you Lisa).

I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to Grace Davis for extending the initial invite to me and exposing me to such a wonderful group of people. Grace, you should know - is the center of all that is good in this world. She has done so much in supporting the South with Hurricane Katrina support, setting up WoolfCamp for all those who love writing and the literal word, and now backing BrainJams by not only attending the next event in New Orleans, but blogging about it and spreading the love throughout the Blogher community. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I wish I were a poet so I could do you justice as my words be so much more eloquent, but I am not - so all you get is '
Grace, I want you to know you are such an inspiration to me, and you fill me with so much drive to push harder and do more for others around me. We can make a difference not only in NOLA, but around the world - it might be one baby step at a time, but we will do it.'

I also wish to thank Lisa Stone for being so open, loving and immediately pulling me into her fold. She is so much like Grace in so many of the lovely ways and I am blown away to know these two fabulous women. Lisa, your ask/give speech brought me to tears. Me! Hello, here I thought I was the tough one in the group and you brought me to tears. Thank you for believing in our organization. Your support means so very much to me, and if you ever need a chauffeur to take one of the kids to soccer practice - call me. I am there for you.

Sylvia thank you for the information on the steps hike. I am buying a pair of good walking shoes, packing Chris up in the truck and heading East to check it all out personally. I am sure my calfs will be thanking you shortly.

Joyce. Your willingness to help us in our 501c3 filing is so welcomed. I'll see you next week and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lori and Pauline (wish I had your links...sorry!) - thank you for the donations to BrainJams New Orleans. I won't let you guys down.

Jory. First - congrats on the engagement - the story is fabulous and makes me want to go back and recite how my dear Chris proposed. I don't remember much of the night except spinning around on the dance floor and seeing him down on one knee. Oh well there is also the part where I went up to him and hit him as I thought he was joking. Ok, I need to blog it - it was funny and lovely and charged with emotion. Secondly, a big thanks to you, Elisa, Lisa and Susan for setting up this group and giving us the opportunity to connect with some amazing women.

There were so many more women - I should do right by you all and list you individually, but I am coming upon the bewitching hour and sleep is starting to take hold of me. I shall save my praises for next month as I look forward to getting to know more of you on a personal level and seeing how we can all contribute to each others successes.

Be well.

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