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Monday, April 24, 2006

Have you hucked a buck lately?

Through our efforts to bring BrainJams to the New Orleans area, I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of lovely fellas, Chris Schultz and Blake Killian, who just launched their metasearch super engine, HuckaBuck.

HuckaBuck is great as it queries three main search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo!) to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and relevant results all in one spot. HuckaBuck is cool as the boys added a search tuner that enables you to set personal preferences determining which results show first. For example, I usually use Google for most of my searches so with HuckaBuck’s search tuner, I can set my preferences to always show the Google searches first, then MSN, Yahoo!, etc. Nice. They have made searching so easy, and I have made them my primary tool as it is all about convenience baby.

To add icing to the HuckaBuck cake, Chris and Blake are also some of the nicest guys I have ever come across (no fib). They saw the posting for the May 4th BrainJams event and immediately called to offer help with whatever we needed to make this happen, even though their days (and nights) were already filled with launching their own company (which officially happened last Saturday – 04/22/06 – and I am truly bummed I missed the party). Truly guys who go above and beyond to help others, in and around, their community.

Oh, and did I mention they are donating a portion of their profits every year to several charities in the local area to help rebuild their glorious city, New Orleans? Yeah, I know. We need more people like Chris and Blake in this world.

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