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Thursday, April 13, 2006

BrainJams New Orleans kicking into high gear

A whirlwind of activities has surrounded the New Orleans BrainJams event this past week, and I am excited to announce Sandra Gunner, President of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and Mark Lewis, President of the Louisiana Technology Council have signed on to help promote the May 4th BrainJams event to their members in the small business and technology communities throughout New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Wow.

Brian Oberkirch from
WeblogsWork has also been instrumental in introducing us to key people in NOLA, including Tim Williamson from IdeaVillage and Robbie Vitrano from Trumpet Advertising and Robbie has offered to speak to the CVB to try and obtain a donated space for the event which would be ideal, as that is always the hardest part, especially operating on a non-profit's budget (i.e. there is none).

' company, Conversal, is also kicking in a little something to help cover costs.

It is hard to believe we are only two weeks away from the event as I feel there is still so much we need to do, but I am sure this one will all come together as the
previous four events have. The project manager in me wants to control everything and well, I can't, so it is always an interesting position for me to be in. But I can deal. :)

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