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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Printing sponsor for BrainJams!

There are some people you love, and then there are some people you llllloooooovvveeee. Mike Evans at Paper and Ink is one of the people I truly llllloooooovvveeee.

Mike and I became fast friends several years ago when working for my previous employer, and he is one of those guys who loves his customers so much - he goes above and beyond ALL THE TIME. Didn't matter what or when I needed something - Mike delivered and he did it at a really good price. Not many businesses out there I can say the same about.

Anyhoo, Mike has graciously donated new BrainJams business cards for me and Chris, and is also sending us some BrainJams stickers - which I must admit - I am very excited about, as we have not really had schwag before.

Ok, so I am easy to please. Whatever.

So if you are in need of a printer, give Mike a call at +1.650.622.0366 (no website) and tell him Kristie sent ya
. He is based in San Carlos, CA (1/2 south of SF), but works with customers everywhere.

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