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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My new email pen pal

I just had the wierdest email exchange with a stranger (vpuzar@comcast.net) and I had to write about it as it made me laugh so friggin hard. I have made assumptions this 'vpuzar' is a youngster, but for all I know s/he could be 40 years old.

NOTE: I do not know this person. I do not know his/her friend 'evan'. I also do not know 'Shannan Wells'. This is the actual exchange we had. The only modification I made was to condense the text to remove all the extra spaces and email headers:

vpuzar: do u know Shannan Wells

me: No I do not

vpuzar: Fucken basturd yes u do my fuken friend evan said u r a fucken loser

me: Nice.

Piece of advice - if you are going to cuss someone out - you might learn how
to to spell first, i.e. 'basturd' is actually spelled 'bastard'. 'Fucken', should be spelled 'fucking'.

And I do not know Shannan Wells. Have a nice day.

vpuzar: i do know how to spell them but i like to make words smaller so i take out letters and put less in and u r a fucking bastard cause u r lieing to me . r u a boy or a bitch

I received the last little 'nugget' about 1/2 hour ago and have not responded to him/her yet. Frankly, 'r u a boy or a bitch' seems like such a nice way to end it. Keeps this prick guessing as s/he is obviously too stupid to figure out 'Kristie' is a girls name and s/he really doesn't know who I am. I also feel since I have done my good deed for the day (s/he now knows how to spell 'bastard' correctly), my work is done here and I do not need to respond. I mean, how much sillyness can one have in one day?

Does make me wonder how s/he got my Hotmail address though...

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Anonymous Chris Heuer said...

Probably got it from the hotmail directory - trying to get to your hot sister or something and someone made a mistake thinking this was the right email address.

Funny though - you really know how to attract them...

2:42 PM


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