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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stormhoek sponsoring the 'Rent an Expert' event

Thanks to the guys and gals over at Stormhoek who have graciously included BrainJams in their '100 Dinners in 100 Days across the USA' campaign. This is another example of a stellar campaign to get the word out about a product as they have agreed to send free bottles of their wine to 100 people hosting events around the United States - all in an effort to get folks drinking, and I am sure, loving their wine. And the beauty of this campaign? It was so easy to participate. All we had to do was sign up on the wiki, note what type of event we were hosting, when it was happening, and where the wine needed to be shipped. They do the rest (thank you!).

The first packet arrived via DHL with 10 posters handsigned by Hugh McLeod, the marketing guru behind Gaping Void (if you are not reading his site regularly, start doing so now - totally insightful and hilarious all wrapped into one). We will plan to hand out the posters at the event - though I assume there will be a feeding frenzy over them, so we might choose to raffle them off for $5 and then add that to the charity donation - but we shall see how it all plays out.

The bottles of wine should be here any day, so be prepared to throw back a glass or two at the 'Rent an Expert' event on Thursday, June 15th.

P.S. A little fun note about Stormhoek wines - their bottles come with an 'Ultimate Freshness Indicator' which is a little dial that tells you when the wine is at its freshest. No more guessing when to crack that bottle open. I love it!

Photo credit: Gaping Void

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