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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Palm Springs gets a blast of estrogen.

Hmmmm....stay home this weekend and find a job, or jet down to Palm Springs with 11 other lovely ladies to celebrate our girl Petrina's last few days of singlehood? Right. Palm Springs it is.

I had actually considered backing out of the weekend as it would not be very responsible of me to spend that kind of money - but then I thought - screw it. You only live once, right? :)

And I am so glad I did as I can count on my right hand the times I have had a 'girls weekend' this year, and it was really important for me to reconnect with my fellow breeders. It was a great time just lounging by the pool and baking my fog riddled body, catching up on all the latest gossip, and chatting away with some truly fabulous women. Give me more of that please - and often.

Two days later and I am finding penis cards and straws everywhere, but they instantly put a smile on my face and remind me how important it is to stay in touch with your girls.

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